HYDRO: EPC Civil & HM 450MW Tender

EPC contract package for 450MW Shongtong-Karcham hydroelectric project located in district.
Civil & Hydro mechanical works.
Planning, design, engineering & execution of River diversion works, diversion barrage, intake, desanding arrangement, HRT, surge shaft, pressure shaft, underground power house complex, tail race tunnel, access adits, underground switch yard, instrumentation relevant to such structures along with across roads & other appurtenant works including compliance of environment management requirements.
Design, engineering, supply, fabrication of Penstock liner from steel plates conforming to ASTM-A-537 CI-2 & ASTM-517 grade F or equivalent its accessories & specials.
Transportation of penstock liner to project site/site of erection, testing, painting & commissioning of Complete penstock.
Design, manufacturing, supply, erection, testing & commissioning of Gates & hoists at diversion tunnel, diversion barrage, intake, desanding arrangement, silt flushing tunnels, draft tube, tail race tunnel & butterfly valve etc.

Closing April 5th


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Hydro and Wind Power - procurement, sourcing of castings, forgings, structure, tender, bidding, BOP, JVs, Quality Control. Avid traveler by road. Running a Home Stay in the Himalayas: www.facebook.com/20deodarhouse Google: 20 Deodar House
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